Teeth Whitening

DT004CE Teeth Whitening Machine

Teeth bleaching lamp Prducts feautres:
*Nice new design;
*With 5 inch touch sreen. 
* Three LED light sources: Blue, Red,Blue&purple&Red, Blue & Purple.
* Three choices of illumination:
1. 100% full power output           
2. 75% power output    
3. 50% power output           
*Can be time,and clean the time by the key back of the machine.
Teeth whitening system product sepcitifcations:
Light source: 4~5 W blue LEDs & 2~3W red LEDs, 1W Purple LEDs.
Output Spectrum: 430nm~490nm (Blue) & 620~640nm (RED) & 380nm~410nm (purple)
Voltage: AC 100~240 V 50~60 Hz 1.2A