Dental Chair/Dental Unit

DT638B Hades Down Dental Unit

  • Product description: DT638B Hades Down Dental Unit

DT638B Hades Down Dental Unit 

Power Input:                            AC 220V 50Hz/ 110V 60Hz, ± 10%

Power:                                 250 W

Stretching Range of the Headrest:        100mm

Backrest Movement Range:              105° - 185°

Chair Load Capacity:                    ≥1350N

Seat Movement Range:                  450mm-950mm

Overall dimensions (L x W x H)              (220~330)*(145~188 )*(120~235 )cm

Air Exhaust Volume:                     55Lmin

High Speed Hand piece:                 Zero-load rotating speed≥35X104r/min

                                       working pressure: 0.22Mpa

Low Speed Hand piece:                  Zero-load rotate speed≥18X103r/min

                                       working pressure: 0.32Mpa

Dental Light Illumination Intensity:         8000-30000 LUX

Dental Light Color Temperature:          4300 K

Thermostatic Water Heater:              80W, Water Temperature: 40 ° C ± 5 ° C

Steel Base Stool and Multifunctional Fedal Switch

Tool Tray 

Rotatable Spittoon:

Now the light is led light , Not Halogen Lamp 

If order moer than 5 sets. free to Change Better LED Lamp

Assistant Control Panel

Cup Filling and Spittoon Flushing

Cup Holder on Light Pole:

Water Heater: 

Dental Unit Woodencase  

 Client installation 

Client Clinic